Interview at Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

Interview at the Syntagma about dogs with Anna Roth

I met Benji when I saw a man tying a camera around his neck.

“We’re making a movie – How to See Greece Through the Eyes of a Dog,” he told me and introduced himself as Magnus from Schadenfreude Films.

“This is Benji. He’s a stray and lives here in the square. But he also lives with me.” Benji looks at me with his golden eyes.

How to see Greece through the eyes of a dog! Wow! What an exciting topic! I told Magnus about the book Who is the coach here? of dog stories I had written, and that’s how I ended up taking on a starring role in the film.

My role is the “stranger in Greece” who’s written a book about dogs. He and his colleagues filmed me in Syntagma Square in central Athens, where I drew a charcoal portrait of Benji and was interviewed about my book Who is the coach here? and about the role of dogs in Greece.

Who is the coach here? – the dog is always your mirror

This is one of the statements I talk about in the interview. The dog senses our emotions, whether we are frightended, angry or happy.

Who is the coach here? – the dog in his pack

What would be if we human beings would not exist on earth? Dogs would go in a pack easily and would hunt together. They would return to their archaic behaviour as a pack.

Who is the coach here? – giving attention and warmness from the heart

Would animals miss us if we would no longer exist on this planet? Some animals species would be happy about our absence I am quite sure – they could start with their own natural life. But we human beings need more the animals. They are our access to our souls and to the unconditional love. They show us what means forgiveness.

With a little luck, we’ll be able to broadcast the whole movie with more protagonists on the Greek public broadcasting channel NERIT.