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Dewards from friends of animals

This is Dewards at the friends of animals. (www.friendsofanimals-nf.com/). You can walk there dogs and adopt them. They all are happy for a new home. And are such good dogs. Most of them just need a bit training to be the best companionship on your side. Dewards looks like a french hound. He is about 2 years old and living now for 1 year at the friends of animal center in Athens. He is funny and a good companion. He needs to run and have enough exercises. He jumps up on people but he is easily to train because Dewards is an easily trainable soul with tenderness.

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Anna with Benji at Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece

I met Benji when I saw a man tying a camera around his neck. We are making a movie – “How to See Greece Through the Eyes of a Dog,” he told me and introduced himself as Magnus from Schadenfreude Films. This is Benji. Hes a stray and lives here in the square. But he also lives with me. Benji looks at me with his golden eyes.
How to see Greece through the eyes of a dog! Wow! What an exciting topic!
I told Magnus about the book of dog stories I had written, and thats how I ended up taking on a starring role in the film. My role is the stranger in Greece whos written a book about dogs. He and his colleagues filmed me in Syntagma Square in central Athens, where I drew a charcoal portrait of Benji and was interviewed about my book and about the role of dogs in Greece. Check out this short video on YouTube. With a little luck, we’ll be able to broadcast the whole movie with more actors on the Greek public broadcasting channel NERIT.