Romel the German Shepherd found a home

Good news!

Romel the German Shepherd found a home!


Romel stayed for several years at the friends of animal rescue center in Athens, Greece. He was a good boy, following on the leash very well and also listening to commands.

He suffered under the typical Hip Dysplasia (HD), and sometimes he really couldn´t walk right, but at the same time he barked at other dogs in a hoarse tone. “Wuff wuff I am here and very strong”, he obviously wanted to say.

Every time when I left the center, Romel was looking at me, sometimes barking, but sometimes quiet. “I wanna be with somebody”, he said, I really could read his mind.

I wished so much Romel the good boy would find a quiet home with an person who understands him. But also a person who leads him and gives him easy tasks.

Five month later I visited the rescue center, and Romel was not there! “Where is Romel?” I asked Kiki, the leader of the center.

“Romel found a home” she replied. “A good person, fits to this German Shepherd” she said.

This are best news. Good bye and good luck in your new home, Romel German Shepherd boy!


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