Me and That Other Dog

dog and mirror

I’m just getting my toy out of the corner when I’m surprised by a big glass pane. Who is that other dog? And why didn’t I smell him?

He looks at me closely. Then he lunges at me, and we touch each other’s noses.

“Woof, woof! Who are you? … Rrrrrrrrruuufff!”

Startled, I leap back. He barks at the same time I do. I move towards him again—this time, slowly. We touch each other’s paws … but I can’t feel him. I don’t get that. All excited, I jump up and down in front of him. Whenever I bark, he barks. When I lie down, he lies down. Now I’m getting my toy. I don’t believe it! He got his toy, too, and it’s the exact same red doll I have! He takes it in his mouth and shakes his head.

I stand there, flabbergasted. He does, too. We look at each other quietly. Then I run at him and sniff the pane he’s hiding behind.

My owner Bridget is standing in the doorway laughing.

“Gina, that’s you in the mirror!”

I look at her helplessly. Why doesn’t that other dog come out and play with me? I keep leaping around in front of him and wagging my tail. He’s just as curious as me—I know he wants to play. That much I can see.

“Come on, Gina, let’s go for a little walk!” Bridget says and takes the leash out of the closet.

Is that other dog still there, I wonder? I turn and look at the mirror one more time. Somehow the whole thing seems a bit fishy.

 A short story from my book “Who is the Coach here?” © Anna Roth, inspired by the video dog vs. mirror