Fraulitsa or Lick-Lick

Fraulitsa , the little half Terrier, half mixed-breed is jumping up on me and greeting me joyfully on my arrival at my friend Nicole’s. ‘Fraulitsa’ is Greek for ‘little strawberry’, but this time I call her ‘Lick-Lick’. She’s just always licking everything, especially the faces of Nicole’s two children. She even caught me a few times when I wasn’t paying attention and she jumped up on the sofa and licked my mouth.

I’ve written a book about dogs, so I know a few things about dog training, but Lick-Lick’s licking passion is a hopeless case. She acts especially sweet when the kids from the kindergarten next door pet her through the open lattice. ‘See what a good dog I am! And everybody loves me!’ she seems to be saying as she looks at me or her family, with her head held high and her mouth relaxed so we can definitely see how much everyone likes her.

Schlecki2She’s also very brave for a small dog. She takes care of the little kids and isn’t afraid of fighting with cats or even larger dogs.
In my upcoming book Who’s the Coach Here?, Lick-Lick plays the main role in the story ‘Fraulitsa’, where she finds a new home in a hotel. ‘Lisa’ is her pseudonym in another story, where she defends the toddler Alexa against a little boy.