Bookreading – Who is the coach here?


From dogphobia to doglove

Lupo is the dog of my friend. One week I took care about the 1 1/2 year old Labradormix. Now he is laying beside me on the coach and enjoys cuddling, while I read the introduction story from my book “Who is the coach here?”.

Having a dog beside me and being relaxed was not always like this. My former dog phobia was so strong and needed urgently to be resolved. As I studied at that climax of my fear Fine arts, I decided to discover the root of my fear and to paint it away. After three weeks I could approach dogs normally, with more interest to observe and study them.

Who is the coach here? – from dog phobia to dog love through painting the fear away

Who is the Coach here? – dogs talk about their own life

Lupo-Mousy doesn´t have yet a voice in my book, but therefore are a lot of other stories from Labradors, Rottweilers, French bulldogs or Poodles. But also mixed-breed dogs know to tell stories.

Who is the coach here? – from dogs we can learn what is forgiveness, unconditional love and trust