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Ancient paw imprints found in Greece

This week, archaeologist found mysterious paw imprints in one the oldest areas in Athens, Greece.


The discovery took place near the famous place “Dexamini”, which served as a water source for the ancient inhabitants, once built by Peisistratos (approx. 550 BC) and rebuilt by the roman emperor Hadrian.

The paw obviously belonged to a middle sized dog. It´s unclear what its intention have been, whether it ran to the ancient water source or was fed by its owner. Also it is not clear whether this paw belonged to a breed or a mongrel.

The research continues, and new information will be updated.

Did you also find ancient paw prints in your area?

Please let us know!



Xenia with her beloved wool blanket wishes you Happy Valentine!


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE The little Griffon mix loves nothing more than her wool blanket. When her mistress prepares it on the bed, she wobbles directly there and is waiting for her massage. Then she cuddles together with mom and dad in bed. Xenia is a happy dog, and she wants you to be happy, too!




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Sweet dogs are looking for a home

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It was exciting again to take a walk with the dogs at the friends of animals in Nea Philadelphia. Normally, there is a list with the names of all the dogs who need a walk. At this day, the list was missing. So I took this sweet female dog with me, and I cannot even tell her name here. Of course she was excited and jumped and pulled on the leash when we took our walk. I guess she is 3 or 4 years old and she is such a good girl. It was an enjoying walk with her, she loves to be stroked and seems to have an easy going character.


The next dog is Bibi, also a female. Bibi stays in the shelter for 2 or 3 years now. She likes also to jump on people a bit, but is calm and needs more time to get closer to people. She is an older good girl, that´s maybe why.


If you wonder how to spend your money or you don´t know what to do with the rest of your time and love dogs, here is the link again to be a volunteer or give donations to the friend of animals in Nea Philadelphia, Athens, Greece.


All people and dogs will

thank you

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Romel the German Shepherd found a home

Good news!

Romel the German Shepherd found a home!


Romel stayed for several years at the friends of animal rescue center in Athens, Greece. He was a good boy, following on the leash very well and also listening to commands.

He suffered under the typical Hip Dysplasia (HD), and sometimes he really couldn´t walk right, but at the same time he barked at other dogs in a hoarse tone. “Wuff wuff I am here and very strong”, he obviously wanted to say.

Every time when I left the center, Romel was looking at me, sometimes barking, but sometimes quiet. “I wanna be with somebody”, he said, I really could read his mind.

I wished so much Romel the good boy would find a quiet home with an person who understands him. But also a person who leads him and gives him easy tasks.

Five month later I visited the rescue center, and Romel was not there! “Where is Romel?” I asked Kiki, the leader of the center.

“Romel found a home” she replied. “A good person, fits to this German Shepherd” she said.

This are best news. Good bye and good luck in your new home, Romel German Shepherd boy!


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my blog on Huffington Post

This is what I call an exciting week! Two days ago, my first article was published on Huffington Post UK. My article Redefining success – How to create a happy and successful life relates to Arianna’s book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder. I am very excited and proud to be now an official blogger of Huffington Post UK and hopefully later on Huffington Post US. Please share and like. Also you can click to be updated for future articles. I am curious about your comments and about posting in future on this important magazine. Cheers! Anna