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Kleinchen wishes you a happy month!


Kleinchen from Greece wishes you a happy month! Actually, she is not living in Greece anymore. A women from Rome, Italy fell in love with her and wanted Kleinchen to take with her to Italy. I said “Yes”. Now little baby is accompanying her in her office and watching her every day.

“Kleinchen” is a german cosy name and it means “Little Sweetie”. She wishes you a happy time where ever you are and whatever you are doing. Enjoy your day!

Xenia with her beloved wool blanket wishes you Happy Valentine!


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE The little Griffon mix loves nothing more than her wool blanket. When her mistress prepares it on the bed, she wobbles directly there and is waiting for her massage. Then she cuddles together with mom and dad in bed. Xenia is a happy dog, and she wants you to be happy, too!




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