The snake and us

I’m wandering around the garden, all relaxed, when this long, thin creature comes creeping along and sneaks right up onto our porch. How did I miss that? I almost always watch to make sure no strange animals come in here.

My dog friend Mikroula has noticed it, too. But we don’t really dare attack it. Our three cats have also woken up. We all chase the strange intruder.

“Woof, woof, woof!!” I bark excitedly. Where is my master? He needs to come and see this animal. I run around the house looking for him.

“What’s up, Zozo?” Nikolas asks me. 

“Woof! Come!” I bark and point with my head towards the corner of the house. Then I run back to Mikroula, the cats, and the creature.

“Oh, a snake! A young snake,” says Nikolas when he arrives.

The snake looks at him. The cats want to seize the animal with their paws. But it raises its head up high and snaps at us really fast. Grisa hisses a little, but the rest of us would rather just gather around in a circle and stare at the creature in amazement. We all stand there waiting for an order.

Nikolas fetches a stick to drive it away. I want to help my master, but how do I chase this thing? I can’t grab it, and Nikolas won’t let me, anyway.

“No, Zozo!” he says sharply. “Out!” He also holds back Mikroula and the cats.

Everyone is excited. But before we can do anything, the creature swiftly slithers away and disappears into the next bush, and from there into the neighbor’s garden.

© Anna Roth 2013

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Is the dog your archetypal symbol?


Yes! my Huffington post article with the topic

“Is the Dog Your Archetypal Symbol?

got 2,4 k likes on facebook.
What do you think about this topic?

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Me and That Other Dog

dog and mirror

I’m just getting my toy out of the corner when I’m surprised by a big glass pane. Who is that other dog? And why didn’t I smell him?

He looks at me closely. Then he lunges at me, and we touch each other’s noses.

“Woof, woof! Who are you? … Rrrrrrrrruuufff!”

Startled, I leap back. He barks at the same time I do. I move towards him again—this time, slowly. We touch each other’s paws … but I can’t feel him. I don’t get that. All excited, I jump up and down in front of him. Whenever I bark, he barks. When I lie down, he lies down. Now I’m getting my toy. I don’t believe it! He got his toy, too, and it’s the exact same red doll I have! He takes it in his mouth and shakes his head.

I stand there, flabbergasted. He does, too. We look at each other quietly. Then I run at him and sniff the pane he’s hiding behind.

My owner Bridget is standing in the doorway laughing.

“Gina, that’s you in the mirror!”

I look at her helplessly. Why doesn’t that other dog come out and play with me? I keep leaping around in front of him and wagging my tail. He’s just as curious as me—I know he wants to play. That much I can see.

“Come on, Gina, let’s go for a little walk!” Bridget says and takes the leash out of the closet.

Is that other dog still there, I wonder? I turn and look at the mirror one more time. Somehow the whole thing seems a bit fishy.

 A short story from my book “Who is the Coach here?” © Anna Roth, inspired by the video dog vs. mirror


Kleinchen wishes you a happy month!


Kleinchen from Greece wishes you a happy month! Actually, she is not living in Greece anymore. A women from Rome, Italy fell in love with her and wanted Kleinchen to take with her to Italy. I said “Yes”. Now little baby is accompanying her in her office and watching her every day.

“Kleinchen” is a german cosy name and it means “Little Sweetie”. She wishes you a happy time where ever you are and whatever you are doing. Enjoy your day!

Ancient paw imprints found in Greece

This week, archaeologist found mysterious paw imprints in one the oldest areas in Athens, Greece.


The discovery took place near the famous place “Dexamini”, which served as a water source for the ancient inhabitants, once built by Peisistratos (approx. 550 BC) and rebuilt by the roman emperor Hadrian.

The paw obviously belonged to a middle sized dog. It´s unclear what its intention have been, whether it ran to the ancient water source or was fed by its owner. Also it is not clear whether this paw belonged to a breed or a mongrel.

The research continues, and new information will be updated.

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